About Us

TWEEDDALE… working in unity with the community for our children’s future.

We value high standards
We aim to ensure that each individual builds upon their successes and extends their knowledge, skills and understanding to the best of their ability.

We value achievement
We aim to develop and share a sense of pride in the effort and achievements of the whole school community.

We value inclusion
We aim to ensure that Tweeddale is a school which overcomes barriers to meet the needs of all its members.
We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum through which all pupils can achieve success.
We aim to ensure that the teaching and learning achievements, attitudes and well-being of every member of the school community are valued.

We value respect and self-discipline
We aim to promote positive attitudes in moral, social and emotional behaviour.

We value partnership
We aim to create an ethos of team-work, consultation, communication and support. We aim to work together to build good relationships within the school and in the community beyond it.
We aim to develop a strong partnership with parents, governors and the Local Authority to ensure the success of our children and the whole school community.

We value fairness
We aim to listen to others and respect their opinions.
We aim to foster a sense of self-respect and respect for others.
We aim to lead by example and be consistent in our dealings with others.

We value equality of opportunity
We aim to build a nurturing community which values people and meets their needs on an individual basis.

We value good communication
We aim to develop clear systems which enable the whole school community to be informed and involved.
We aim to listen to and respect the opinions of others resulting in clear objectives and a shared understanding.

We value ambition
We aim to develop a learning community where everyone has high self-esteem and believes that they can achieve their personal ambitions through self-motivation.