At Tweeddale our aims in teaching Geography are to stimulate children’s awareness, understanding and interest in their surroundings and to help them to develop informed opinions and concerns about their environment and its future. We also strive to encourage a sense of wonder and beauty about their world in order to enhance their sense of responsibility for care of the earth and its peoples.

In order to realise these aims, we strive to develop geographical knowledge and understanding about places that will enable our children to set local, national and international events within a geographical context. Children are also encouraged to develop an understanding of the significance of location and to begin look at distribution patterns (e.g. shops) in human activities and discover that places are linked by movements of people. As much as possible, our children are introduced to geographical enquiry, through observing, comparing, classifying, recognising, speculating, interpreting and appreciating, in order to gain the practical skills and attributes required for fieldwork.


Tweeddale itself sits within a multi-cultural community, and therefore it is of vital importance that our geography curriculum allows our children to develop an awareness and appreciation of, and a sensitivity to, ethnic, cultural and economic diversity.