Active Readers

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More Active Reading and Active AMbassadors


The Active Reading programme is designed to introduce standing up to read as standard practice across all classes. Like everything around the Active Movement concept, it recognises that it is the small, repeated changes that have far greater      long-term effect. Swapping standing for sitting to read in class for a week can soon become routine!


It is also the time to recruit your special Active AMbassadors for Active Reading. Each class should have an Active Reader whose leadership role is not only designed to help you implement the programme but will continue to educate and inspire the children. Andy Powell has their special badge and I attach a guideline to the role.


We have also created the Active Parent badge. Every selected AMbassador can take one home too their parent to not only show off their appointment but engage the parent in ensuring the child reads standing up at home. The badge can be retained by the parent – the Active Reader badge should be returned to the class for the next AMbassador.