Big Battery Hunt

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We have decided to launch a very exciting campaign called the Big Battery Hunt. In school

your child will learn how important it is to recycle batteries and what happens when people do not.

Your child has been challenged to find and collect as many batteries as possible, please help them do

this. They can be as creative as they like by going to work spaces, places of worship, local businesses

and the wider community to enlist everyone to help make sure that no battery ends up in landfill.

Your child has been supplied with a collection box, please get them to bring this into school when it

is full so that we can add it to the main container and enter the competition.

Please visit for more

information about the campaign plus a break-down of all the prizes that the school and your child

could win.

*See the base of your collection box for safety instructions.

The competition ends on Monday 3rd June, so please make sure your child brings in their batteries

before then.

Happy Hunting!