Physical Education (PE)

At Tweeddale we recognise the importance of physical education and the need for children to lead healthy lifestyles.

We receive funding for PE - the Sport Premium - which we use in different ways to ensure that children are as active as possible.

Children receive two hours of PE lessons a week following the Merton PE Inspire & Educate scheme of work. One lesson is taught by the class teacher and the other is taught by a sports coach. The lessons take place in our gym, playground or ball court.

We also have an outdoor heated swimming pool and children do weekly swimming lessons from Reception to Year Six for one and a half terms each year. Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and children learn how to perfom Safe Self Rescue's in different senarios and learn how to use a range of strokes effectively.At the end of the academic year, our Year 6 children are taken to the local swimming baths to be tested to see if they have acheived curriculum expectations.

We encourage children to take part in clubs which include: tag rugby, football, -unsplashmulti-skills, cheerleading, running, rounders and ballet. We also work with the community to organise sports festivals for KS1 and opportunities for competitive games for KS2.

All children from Nursery to Year Six participate in our annual sports day held at the David Weir Leisure Centre. Due to Covid-19 Swimming and all other Sports Clubs have not been able to take place this year, we are hoping to be back later this year and Swimming in April 2021. Photo by steven-lelham-atSaEOeE8Nk-unsplash