In accordance with the Greenshaw Learning Trust Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy and DfE Regulations, the Trust is required to publish information to demonstrate its compliance with the Equality Duty, relating to both its employees and those affected by its activities.

How is the Greenshaw Learning Trust meeting the Equality Duty?

We have:

Reviewed the provision in all of our schools of PSHCE, RSE and other elements within the curriculum that promote tolerance and understanding about cultures and lifestyles.

Reviewed our HR policies to ensure they are legally compliant with all relevant legislation, including the Equality Act. Ensured that any new buildings to schools in the Trust are fully accessible, with the inclusion of lifts and disabled toilets.

We are:

Monitoring the performance and attendance of pupils within specific groups (SEND, Disadvantaged)

We have undertaken to:

For students – implement policies on equal opportunities (including race and gender equality, special needs, behaviour and anti-bullying);

For staff - implement of policies on equal opportunities, recruitment and selection, pay and anti-harassment policy;

Employ specialist staff to support students with special needs or disabilities, and implementing the Trust disability access plan; Monitor student and staff welfare, with intervention and support where required;

Take steps to meet the particular needs of students or staff that have a particular characteristic.