Governance Information

Tweeddale Primary School is an academy in the Greenshaw Learning Trust. Find out more about the Trust here.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is an academy trust, a charitable company with the sole purpose of maintaining and developing academy schools, to provide comprehensive and inclusive education for the public benefit, funded by the Department for Education.

The Trust seeks to build a ‘family’ of like-minded schools that share essential values and a common ethos and vision for education and learning, and collaborate to provide mutual support, share their good practice and learn from each other.

Each school in the Trust will retain and develop its own distinct character, led by its own leadership team and local governing body. The Trust will provide the support and infrastructure the schools need to enable them to develop and improve and for the school leadership and governing body to achieve their objectives for their school.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is a DfE approved sponsor of both primary and secondary schools and has approval to open a new secondary school and ASD school in Sutton.

To find out more about the Greenshaw Learning Trust click here.

The Tweeddale governing body is responsible for the strategic leadership of the school, for the school’s financial and academic performance, and for holding the headteacher to account, under the authority delegated to it by the Trust.

Governors act collectively as the governing body, exercising their powers in a primarily strategic leadership role; they should not get involved in the day to day running of the school.

The governing body can establish committees, but members of committees are not governors unless they are also members of the Governing Body. As well as attending governing body meetings, governors are expected to be a member of at least one committee and to engage in appropriate governor and school activities. Governors also serve on various panels that decide on specific matters such as grievance, complaints and staff appointments.

The governing body generally meets four times a year and each committee once per term.

Governors are appointed in a number of different ways:

  • Four trust governors are appointed by the directors of the Trust.
  • Two community governors are appointed by the local governing body.
  • Two parent governors are elected by ballot of all parents and carers of current pupils.
  • One teaching staff governor is appointed following a ballot of teaching staff.
  • One support staff governor is appointed following a ballot of support staff.
  • And the Headteacher is a governor.

All governors except the Headteacher serve for a term of office of four years, but can be reappointed.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust Governance