Black History Month

6th November 2020


As part of Black History Month, the whole school looked at the Windrush and the positive impact of this event on our society.  We then used our knowledge to create a whole school display.

 Nursery created the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Reception made the Empire Windrush boat out of boxes. Year 1 looked at the Jamaican and English flags. We chose our colours carefully and coloured the flags in correctly.  Year 2 wrote facts about the Windrush story and then wrote questions that we would like to ask the passengers on the Windrush. Year 3 learnt about the journey the people took on the Windrush boat and what their experiences were like when they arrived. They wrote diaries to describe what the people did and how they felt. Year 4  learnt about the Notting Hill Carnival and its origins, then made 3D model of carnival floats. Year 5 read 'Heritage' and did a picture based on our discussions about it. Year 6  read the poem 'Windrush child' by John Agard and created art work based on it.