Social Media

25th March 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,

It has come to my attention that there are certain children who are using social media to target other members of this school with what can only be described as unsavoury and unacceptable messages. This is being done via social media apps, outside of school hours, that have age limits above those that are allowable for any child in this school.  
I will not go into graphic detail about the messages but they involve the use of foul language, threatening behaviour and cover topics wholly unacceptable for children of primary age. They could, and have, resulted in extreme distress for those targeted with these messages.
I have made the children acutely aware of the consequences of their actions online (of which they are reminded of regularly as part of the school curriculum) and would appreciate if you could reiterate the message at home. The police take this seriously (particularly considering the topics touched upon in these messages) and as a school our advice to any parent who has a child receiving these messages, is to contact the police.
I have also been made aware that this has been spilling over into school. Therefore, I have made the children aware that if any child uses foul language or their behaviour is in any way prejudicial towards another child, they will subject to the most stringent consequences. I would also appreciate your support ensuring they understand the seriousness of these consequences.
Lastly, I would ask that you monitor your child's use of social media and ensure you check their phones regularly to ensure they are not engaging in, or are a victim of, this behaviour. As I said previously, many of these apps are not appropriate for Y6 pupils and actually have legal age limits above that of a Y6 child. 
I would urge you to remove your child from these apps immediately.
I appreciate your support in advance.
Andy Powell - Deputy Headteacher