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4th October 2010

Cake Sale - Friday 15th October

The school council will be holding a cake sale on Friday 15th
October.  All proceeds from the cake sale will go towards
buying a new lining for the swimming pool.

The cake sale will take place outside year 2 from 3:05-3:40pm.

Could parents/carers of children in years 1-6 (foundation stage are having a separate cake sale on 21st October) please send in home made or shop bought cakes to sell at the event.

Children should bring cakes into their own classrooms on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th October.

IMPORTANT: Due to allergies, please do not bring cakes containing nuts.


4th October 2010

Jeans for Genes - thank you

Thank you to everyone who donated money to "Jeans for Genes" on Friday.

We raised £244.22 for this charity.


1st October 2010

Education and Fun for Year 6 (who did not go to Kingswood)!

A very select group of 11 Year 6 children chose not to go on the Kingswood Residential Trip to Norfolk.  We had 3 days of fun and education in sunny Carshalton and nearby Edenbridge learning how we get clean drinking water from our taps and going on two minibeast hunts - one in water and the other on land.

We spent Monday morning in our classroom where we learnt about reservoirs and how water is treated so that when we turn on our taps, clean drinkable water comes out.  We also studied pictures of different minibeasts which can be found both in water and on land so that we were ready to hunt down these creatures and hopefully we would be able to identify some of them.

We spent all afternoon in the Gym carrying out PE Challenges which involved working together in teams to solve problems.

On Tuesday the sun shone as we travelled by minibus to Bough Beech Reservoir near Edenbridge.  Here a Water Tutor (a lady called Jo Hedges) showed us around the water treatment works and explained the processes involved in cleaning our water - several different chemicals and filtration through both sandy gravel and carbon are used to ensure we have clean drinking water in our homes and schools.

After lunch, we raced to the top of the reservoir to see the view and we visited the pumping station which is a tower in the middle of the water.  Then we went under the reservoir through a long, long tunnel to see the pumping station from below - several children thought this was the best part of the day.

Pond dipping came next and we were amazed at the huge number of different water minibeasts we found including a rare newt, cadis fly larva, damsel fly nymph, water louse and pond skaters.  Nobody fell in and we all had fun checking what we had caught in our nets!

Wednesday was another gloriously warm and sunny day and we strolled down to Carshalton Ecology Centre hunting for land based minibeasts as we walked - we saw lots of spiders in their webs.  In the wooded area of the Ecology Centre we hunted for mini-beasts in the bushes, under logs and stones and even in a compost pile.  We managed to find many different creatures including giant slugs, long wiggly worms, centipedes and millipedes, wood lice, and lots, lots more.  What fun we had searching!

We had a brief visit to the Honeywood Museum where we did some brass rubbing and were allowed into a playroom filled with toys from the 1950's - our favourites were the magnetic fishing game and the puppet theatre.

After that we went to Carshalton Park where we ate our picnic lunch in the sunshine and then spent the rest of the afternoon using the different types of play equipment in the adventure playground and playing football.  We had a 'brilliant' day, although, after our long and energetic day, none of us were very enthusiastic about the long walk back to school!!

We looked forward to telling the rest of Year 6 about our adventures and to hearing about their activities in Kingswood.  We hoped they had as much fun as we did!!

More photos are in the gallery...

27th August 2010

Children return to school on Thursday 2nd September

Children return to school on Thursday 2nd September (Wednesday 1st is an INSET day)

26th August 2010

Year 6 Science and Engineering Challenge


A new Primary Science and Engineering Challenge for year 6 pupils took take place across the borough.   The event was held on Tuesday 22nd June at Wallington County Grammar School.   Six children from each primary school attended the event.

The representatives from Tweeddale Primary school were Kyla Gray, Kimblerley Isaac, Christopher Spicer, Scott Trayhern, Myooran Vasieharan and Edmund Zirereza.

The children had a talk by various engineers.   They then took part in several challenges, led by the engineers, where they had to work as a team without adult support.   Take a look at the photo gallery to see their achievements.   They did very well considering the tough competition.   The children were very well behaved and worked extremely well together.   We were very proud of them.