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1st March 2010

Year 2 Fire Safety talk

Last week a fire lady came in and talked about fires and then she put on a story and there was a fire in the house.  We had to find the hero in the story. The hero was Josh because he did not stand up. If he stood up he would have smoke in his mouth and  start to cough. 

We found out that if we think there is a fire we should touch the door handle first with the back of our hand. This will help us to see if the door is hot.

Then the lady talked about her smoke alarm called Noisy.  We should test our smoke alarms every week.  If the battery runs out we will not be safe.

At the end of the afternoon we learnt a fire song and played some games.  Here is a Fire Plan that the lady told us.

1) Touch the door, so you're sure.

2) On the way out, give everyone a shout.

3)  Close the door for 20 minutes more.

4) Under the smoke, so you don't choke.

5) Don't hide, go outside!

6) Call 999 - you will be fine.

7) Practise your fire plan, whenever you can.

By Mackenzie and Anisha Panda Class

Please look at the links section for fire safety activities and stories for children.

27th January 2010

Year 6 visit to Carshalton Girls School for a Drama Workshop

On Wednesday 27th January, Year 6 went to Carshalton Girls School for a Shakespeare drama workshop.  (It was really funny!) 

First of all, Miss Mehta and Miss Kemp took the register.  Then we formed a line and each person had a partner.  As soon as we left, we walked for about half an hour until we all arrived.  

As we walked into the humongous school, we had to wait outside until the actors were ready for us.  The chairs were arranged as an arch, with chairs in the middle.  As we were the first to arrive we got to sit at the front.  

They told us that the middle seats were one-penny seats and the arched seats were two-penny seats and that the two seats on the stage were where the rich people sat and they were the three-penny seats.  

They acted out scenes from plays written by Shakespeare, such as Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet etc.  There wasn't a moment when we didn't laugh.  The funniest thing about the play was that one of the boys and the girl, went to kiss but the other boy shouted and stopped them! 

Eventually, after a long morning we headed back to school and after about ten minutes Mrs Smith came into our classroom to tell us she had heard about our behaviour and that it was BRILLIANT!

 By Kimberley Isaac and Courtney Cole 

20th January 2010

Year 6 Visit to the Imperial War Museum

On Wednesday 20th January 2010, Year 6 went to the IWM in London.

We set off in a double decker coach at 9am. Miss Mehta went round to make sure that everyone was wearing their seat belts and she counted everybody to make sure that we were all there. It took us an hour to get there.

When we arrived, Miss Mehta put us into groups and my group went to the World War 2 gallery. In this section of the museum, we explored artefacts from World War 2.

Then we went to the picnic room to enjoy our lunch.

Then it was time for the Blitz Experience! We found out what it was like for people in bombshelters during an air raid. Everyone was terrified when the room began to shake, especially the girls who screamed!!

We learned a lot at the IWM and it was a great trip.

Written by Mitchell Clarke in Year 6 Kestrels

16th March 2005

Giant Food Race

On 19th and 22nd March Reception took part in a 'Giant Food Race' as part of an Eco-Local workshop.   The children enjoyed taking part in relay races to find out about healthy and unhealthy foods and exercise.

I liked running about to get the food.

I liked putting the healthy food in the right place.

We got to do exercise.

We found out about eating the right food and not the wrong food.