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Summer Timetable for Swimming

Please see our File Downloads for the Summer 2019 Swimming Timetable

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Tweeddale Smart School Council

We held a meeting on Monday 1st April 2019 to find out the children's wish list for the Playground.

The children (and adults) who attended made some really valuable contributions and we have plenty of ideas to work on.

Whilst we are in the early stages of developing ideas we would like to start rolling out some of the ideas out, and to this end will be having a playground revamp one day during the Easter Holidays.

We would love donations of drainpipies, compost, flower seeds and bulbs for a start to brighten up the children's Playground. It will make such a difference to the children and will make a small start to their  wish list.

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Mufti Day and Class Easter Raffle

The PTFA are holding a Mufti Day on Thursday 28th March for a £1.00 donation. 

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CPFC Summer Term after school football

After School Football Clubs are now booking for the Summer Term at Tweeddale Primary School for Years 1&2, 3&4 and years 5&6 Please click on the following link to book.

Please book by credit/debit card on our website Our coaches are unable to take cash payments.

For more information please contact our Primary Schools Programmes Manager Sam Bacon at


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Big Battery Hunt

We have decided to launch a very exciting campaign called the Big Battery Hunt. In school

your child will learn how important it is to recycle batteries and what happens when people do not.

Your child has been challenged to find and collect as many batteries as possible, please help them do

this. They can be as creative as they like by going to work spaces, places of worship, local businesses

and the wider community to enlist everyone to help make sure that no battery ends up in landfill.

Your child has been supplied with a collection box, please get them to bring this into school when it

is full so that we can add it to the main container and enter the competition.

Please visit for more

information about the campaign plus a break-down of all the prizes that the school and your child

could win.

*See the base of your collection box for safety instructions.

The competition ends on Monday 3rd June, so please make sure your child brings in their batteries

before then.

Happy Hunting!

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World Book Day 2019

Dress up as your favourite book character. Please take a look at the World Book Day website.


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Newsreaders of the future?

On Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st January Year 6 Eagle And Kestrel Classes got the chance to experience a fantastic trip to Sky Academy Studios. Every child had the opportunity to film and put together our own news report with the help of the Sky Academy Skills team.

Click here to visit the School Videos page.

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The Ofsted report can now be found under file downloads

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Active Readers



More Active Reading and Active AMbassadors


The Active Reading programme is designed to introduce standing up to read as standard practice across all classes. Like everything around the Active Movement concept, it recognises that it is the small, repeated changes that have far greater      long-term effect. Swapping standing for sitting to read in class for a week can soon become routine!


It is also the time to recruit your special Active AMbassadors for Active Reading. Each class should have an Active Reader whose leadership role is not only designed to help you implement the programme but will continue to educate and inspire the children. Andy Powell has their special badge and I attach a guideline to the role.


We have also created the Active Parent badge. Every selected AMbassador can take one home too their parent to not only show off their appointment but engage the parent in ensuring the child reads standing up at home. The badge can be retained by the parent – the Active Reader badge should be returned to the class for the next AMbassador.


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Topsy Turvy Day and McTweeddale Dinner

On Thursday 17th January wwe are having a Topsy Turvy Day and McTweeddale Dinner Day.


The Teachers will be coming in dressed in school uniform and the children can come dressed as Teachers in Mufti Clothes. Mrs Mason our cook will be cooking;

  • Chicken Nuggets and Fries
  • Vegetable Curry and Rice
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Broccoli, Sweetcorn and Salad
  • Ice Cream

If your child normally has a dinner, you do not need to do anything-if you would like your child to have or try a dinner please call the office on 0208 644-5665. In Reception, Year 1 & 2 the dinners are free of charge, for years 3,4,5 & 6 there is a charge of £2.20 if you do not receive free school meals