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1st March 2021

Admission Arrangements for 2022/23

In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014, the Greenshaw Learning Trust has consulted on the admissions arrangements for Tweeddale Primary School for entry in September 2022/23. The consultation closed in December 2020.


The main changes are;

  • The inclusion of a priority for exceptional social and medical applications for schools where it was not previously included
  • A Supplementary Information Form (SIF) for all exceptional social and medical applications (all schools)
  • Alignment in the order of priorities within admission arrangements
  • Alignment in criteria definitions

Please click on the link to view the determined admission arrangements for the school.


23rd February 2021

Monday 8th March 2021

Yesterday evening, the Prime Minister laid out the Government’s route map to take the country out of the current lockdown. As widely reported, schools are at the very top of the list. From the 8th March, Tweeddale Primary School will be reopening for all year groups and we cannot wait to see every child back in school. The period of lockdown has been lengthy. We will need to work together to support your child/children as they adjust back into usual ‘school’ habits.Over the coming weeks, please prepare them for the return to school by regularising sleeping habits and ensuring that they take part in as many learning activities as possible during the day. Also, it would help if you could fit in additional exercise. Walks around the local parks are great at this time of year, particularly with the improvement in the weather, longer days and spring flowers. These don’t need to be every day but our experience after the last long lockdown was that many children did not have the stamina for the longer school days and by half term some were really flagging.

Over the next two weeks, the staff will be busily preparing the school for all the children to return. Remote learning will continue as before however staff will also be planning for the last four weeks of term to ensure a smooth transition from remote to school based learning. In short, we can’t wait to have the children back!

However, it is not a return to normal. Most members of staff have not yet been vaccinated and certainly none of the children have which means that the risk of infection has not changed. All of the rules set up in September will be retained. Children will be hand washing/sanitizing throughout the day and break times will remain separate for different classes. Staff members are regularly testing themselves with Lateral Flow Device Tests so if there is any infection it can be caught quickly and impact kept to a minimum. Staff and adult visitors will also be wearing face coverings, as before in the Autumn term, in situations where social distancing between adults is more difficult (for example, when moving around in corridors, communal areas and at the gate). Pick-up and drop-off times will remain as before and we will ask you to continue to wear facemasks and leave the sites as quickly as possible once you have dropped off/collected your child/children. If we are careful and follow the school rules and Government guidance we can begin to rebuild our school community. As with the exit from the last lockdown, this is the most delicate part. More details will be shared closer to the 8th March.

Without doubt this has been an unprecedented year. With your support, the continued development of remote learning by the staff and enthusiasm from the children, we believe we have all worked together to make this as successful an experience as possible.

Thank you for your support.


The Tweeddale Team

20th January 2021

Community Food Hub

Hi there, 


I'd like to introduce ourselves to you as we have set up a Community Food Hub in Beddington.


We own a hair salon which has been closed due to Covid-19 so we have decided to turn it into a donation-based food hub for local families in need. 


We have had an overwhelming response from people donating to the hub so we are now reaching out to all of the local schools to see if there would be any pupils/ families in need that could benefit from this. 


We require no proof of circumstance. This is for any family who could be struggling in general, covid-related issues, a one-off box etc. We are also able to deliver as well as open the salon up for collections. 


Our food packages/ boxes consist of non-perishable food, toiletries, baby items, washing/ cleaning products etc. 


Thank you again, any questions please contact me. 


Isabelle Travers.



18th January 2021

Palace for Life Foundation & Tweeddale Daily Challenge

Mr Lacey & Tommie-Lee went head to head in Tweeddale’s Daily Challenge.

The tasks were;

¨ How many Sit Ups in 1 minute

¨ How many Pressups in 1 minute

¨ And how many 10 meter Shuttle Runs in 1 minute

The scores are as follows








Mr Lacey














224 Total


 As you can see Tommie-Lee gave Mr Lacey a run for his money.

Well done Tommie-Lee! Great Teamwork

Now , parents and carers you may accept this challenge– 1 adult over 18, one child under 16, please combine your score and see if you can beat Mr Lacey and Tommie-Lee. The challenge must be filmed. Please click on the links below to see Mr Lacey and Tommie Lee in action





14th January 2021

Ask for Ani- Domestic Abuse

 ASK FOR ANI if you need immediate help.

We will offer you a private space, provide you with a phone and ask if you want to call 999 or speak to a domestic abuse support helpline.