Curriculum Overview

All children are entitled to access to a broad and balanced curriculum if they are to acquire the understanding, skills and knowledge they will need for adult life. This is central to our planning for continuity and progression.

We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum that is appropriately differentiated and relevant to the needs of all children.

Class teachers in each year group plan together using the programmes of study from the National Curriculum. This ensures each child’s learning experience is similar and that content is relevant and promotes real learning experiences for the children. A balance of group, class and individual teaching is used and the different needs and abilities of the children carefully monitored.

Appropriate support is given to children experiencing difficulty and to children making exceptional progress. We have high expectations and encourage each child to develop to the very best of their ability. We aim to provide a curriculum, which facilitates this. Teaching and tasks are carefully matched to the child’s ability.

All pupils study English, Mathematics, Science and Computing according to the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum.

Daily Literacy and Numeracy lessons take place in accordance with the Primary Frameworks. The Foundation subjects of the National Curriculum; Art, Design Technology (DT), Geography, History, Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education (PHSCE) and Physical Education (PE) are all taught, in accordance with the appropriate Curriculum guidelines, through a topic-based approach. Religious Education is taught according to the Local Authority Syllabus.

Subject leaders promote and monitor their subject throughout the school. Each area has an agreed policy, which details the aim of the subject. The subject leaders help colleagues with advice and training in their particular area.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum then please contact Mr G Dix or for Foundation stage Miss R Digman. They can be contacted via email at

For information on how our curriculum complies with EA 2010 & SEN Regs, please click on the link below: