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26th August 2010

Make a bird feeder

On 8th June Year 4 had a visit from Eco-Local.   They discovered what birds eat and made their own bird feeder to attract birds into the school grounds or to their garden at home.

"On Tuesday the 8th June we had a lady come in to tell us how to make a bird feeder.   She gave us a juice carton and a stick.   First we had to get a ruler, a pair of scissors and a sharp pencil.   Second we made 5cm, 12cm and 13cm or 14cm on the box to tell us where we had to cut and where to put marks on it.   When we had finished we cut a flap, this will be for the birds door.    Next we made a hole with the sharp pencil then put the stick for a perch.   We put string to hang it up on a tree and bird food for inside.   The lady said to tidy up.   She said to us that we were the best school at listening."   (Wombat class)

"On Tuesday 8th June Wombat class made bird feeders.   They worked with a lady from Eco-Local.   They did it step by step and enjoyed it.   They found it very tricky.   Wombats made them from recycled cartons.   They also made a perch for the birds to sit on and a hanger made from string.   At the end each bird feeder had a handful of bird food put into it.   Wombats had a wonderful day and enjoyed it."   (Jack Vallins - Wombat class)

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26th August 2010

Wildlife Detectives

On 8th June, Year 1 had a visit from Eco-Local.   They were Wildlife detectives where they discovered the wildlife living around the school and created a wildlife chart showing what they had found.

"I really enjoyed getting messy and picking up slugs and snails." 

 "I enjoyed doing the posters in the afternoon." 

"We learnt about different sorts of wildlife like pigeons and rabbits."  (Monkey Class)

 "On Tuesday Mrs Rich came to talk to us about wild animals.   We went outside and I found a ladybird on top of a leaf.   Then I saw a snail.   We had to tick on our sheets so we knew we had found it."   (Chase - Hedgehogs class)

 ...We went outside to look for animals.   We got some paper with wild animals on it.   ...I found a woodlouse and a ladybird, butterfly and a fly.   I had a fun day."   (Renee - Hedgehog class)

21st June 2010

Around the world in one day!

On Thursday 24th June, children in Year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 will be going on a trip around the world!!!

They will be traveling to different countries by moving to different classrooms and they will be taught by different teachers for some of the sessions. Your children should hopefully come home with lots to tell you about.

They are all really looking forward to having their Tweeddale Passports stamped. Keep an eye on the website for photo's of our fun day!

20th June 2010

Year 6 Citizenship Day

On Friday 25th June, Year 6 will be going on the Citizenship Trip. Don't forget your PE kit and water bottles Year 6! 

14th June 2010

Spagmarsh Challenge!

Spagmarsh Challenge!

As year six had finished our SAT's, our teachers decided to let us have some fun!  It was a challenge so therefore it was obviously quite hard but fun all the same.

The task was to make the tallest building, which would hold a boiled egg for 30 seconds!  The problem was that we were only allowed one pack of spaghetti and one bag of marshmallows with which to build our structures. We worked in teams and had to make sure that everyone had a job to do.

Despite the fact that it was hard, we all managed to make a structure that would hold a boiled egg and for that our teacher gave us all a prize.  There was also a prize for the best teamwork.  It was so much fun!

We also made some African Jewellery as out topic was 'Passport Around the World.' Have a look at our pictures!! 

By Karina Thakore
Year 6 Kestrels