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21st May 2010

Year 2 Multi Skills at Sutton Arena

On Friday 21st May Year 2 went to Sutton Arena to take part in Multi Skills.  When we got there we were put into groups of children from different schools.  In my group was Loui and we were in group I.  My first activity was balance beam and I felt exhausted!  Next I did 30M sprint and I got bronze.  I felt very tired and thought I could not do the next Multi Skill.  My next Multi Skill was ball switch.  I got gold.  Then I did olympic ring, long jump, hurdle jump and target throwing.  I loved the day so much I don't even know where to start!

By Thomas Offen

Panda Class


On Friday 21st May Year 2 went to Sutton Arena to do Multi Skills activities.  When we got there we were put into groups of children from different schools.  In my group was me, Merve, Ashleigh and Chante.  I liked it because it was good to keep us fit and healthy.  Then we swapped over groups and did Olympic rings.  We had to throw the bean bags in the ring and I got gold!  I did long jump and it was good and fun and I got gold.  I had a great time. There was nice activities to do.

By Katie Buchan

Panda Class

20th April 2010

Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle - Read all about our day

On Monday 29th March Year 2 went to Windsor Castle as part of our Royal Family topic.

We had such a good day and saw lots of interesting things.  We got to see Queen Mary's Dolls house.  It contains working lifts, running water and electricity.  It was huge and very impressive! 

We had a special talk in the education room and found out all about the history of Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle was first built by William the Conqueror, following his invasion of England in 1066.  The orginal castle was built from timber and later rebuilt in stone.  We knew lots of information about the Royal Family and found it easy to answer all the questions!  We talked about the different rooms we have at home and then saw old artefacts that have been used at Windsor Castle.  The best part of the talk was when one of the children dressed up as The Queen.  She had to pretend to 'Knight' another child. All of the girls had to curtsey and the boys bowed!

After that we visited the State Apartments.  These are special rooms at Windsor Castle, some of which The Queen still uses today.  They were beautiful.  Some had huge gold mirrors and stunning artwork on the ceilings.  It was a great experience.

When we got back to school we wrote a letter to the Queen thanking her for lettting us visit. 

Have a look in the school gallery for pictures of our day.

18th April 2010

Einstein's Entertainers

On 25th March Professor Teapotty and Professor Weable from Einstein's Entertainers held an assembly for years 3 to 6.   They demonstrated lots of fun science experiments which had the children very exited.   Einstein's Entertainers are to run a Science club after school, where the children will have a chance to try out lots of fun experiments for themselves.    Have a look in the school gallery for more photos.

I really enjoyed the Science assembly.   Aminata

It was fantastic... I loved it when they did magic  Melissa

16th April 2010

Super Seeds

On Monday 22nd March year 6 took part in the 'Super Seeds' Eco-Local workshop, finding out where vegetables come from.  They had to identify lots of different seeds.   They then planted a mini salad garden to take home and learnt how to take care of them.  See more photos in the school gallery. 

The best part of the workshop was actually planting seeds.      Kimberley

My favourite part was planting vegetables, we all had to plant peas and cabbage.   I enjoyed it so much!      Courtney

My favourite part was planting the seeds.   I wish I could do it again...             Kyla

31st March 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt will take place this Wednesday 31st March in the Foundation Stage playground after school.


Come along and join the fun!